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Adullting is hard. Like, really hard.

It's easy to get lost in daily life. It's tough! We all go through trying to stay on top of our schedule. The house we need to clean. The wedding we are planning.. it's easy to be overwhelmed!

This engagement session is your excuse to take a breather from everything and build THE BEST DAY filled with your favorite things with your #1 human.

My advice... dive in head first. Because if we do this right - you'll be wishing you can come back to this day for years to come! 

A Foreword

This adventure starts right now.








Design Team

Design Team

To Your


A simple path from start to finish.

Engagement Process

Erin + Austin on a Mountain Somewhere

For one day, pretend like all of your responsibilities don't exist. Take off work. Do zero chores. Eat something that makes you feel guilty. Then, let's meet up and do more favorite things. 

Pro Tip #1

Julie + Luis's Session at Allentown Artswalk

Design Team

Dress like yourself. 
Be comfortable. 
Treat it like a hot date.

Need more? Okay fine, here's more.

Pops of color are always a great addition! Red, Blue, Green and Yellow work the best. Coordinate outfits, but don't look like a team. Don't wear crazy patterned or graphic tshirts. Wear nice shoes. Wear comfortable shoes for walking if you wear fancy ones for photos.

What to Wear

Here's a secret! Doing fun things is an easy way to forget there's a tall dude following you around with a camera. 

Don't over think this part! Simple things look great. Walking in the park, grabbing coffee, baking cookies, shooting hoops, and roaming around Target are all acceptable answers. 

What do you like to do?

What To do

In short, anything is game.

What's your favorite place to be together or is there a space thats meaningful to your relationship? Let's explore it.

Choosing a Location

Engagement Sessions are booked Monday-Thursday. Weekends are currently reserved for weddings.

When To Book

Before the Session

Design Team - Pre Consultation

Our Design Team will reach out before your engagement session to answer any questions, show you all of your design options, and officially schedule your design meeting. 

Erin + Austin on a Mountain Somewhere

Bringing a Pet? It's a good idea to also bring a pet handler. 

Pro Tip #2

Erin + Austin on a Mountain Somewhere

There 👏 are 👏 no 👏 rules!

Whether you want to hang from a mountain, swim in a lake, walk in a park or chill at home. We are game for it all!

Do All The Things

You are entering a judgement-free zone! It's safe (and encouraged) to be as weird in front of the camera as you are with each other behind closed doors. 😉

Be a little weird

Carrying too many things is an easy way to have a bad time at an engagement session. Lots of photos happen during our walks between spots.

Being able to freely photograph you at all times is the goal!

Bring The Bare Minimum

During The Session

Take into account how you plan to use your photos. Save the Date cards? Book your session 4-5 months out. Engagement album in time for your wedding? About 2 months out is great. 

Pro Tip #3

Design Team

Your albums and wall art are delivered to your home within 1-2 weeks of your design meeting. Enjoy them forever!

Art Delivered

You'll see all of your photos for the first time in you design meeting! Expect to see a pre-designed album and a few wall art options.

Design Meeting

Expect to see sneak peeks on our Instagram and a blog on our website within 1-2 weeks.

YOur Live!

After The Session

Print your photos. Your future family will thank you.

Pro Tip #4

Erin + Austin on a Mountain Somewhere

Our industry leading design team will take over after our session to guarantee you the best experience when you see your photos for the first time.

Our streamlined process will make sure you don't lift a finger while the best in the biz takes care of delivering the best story via albums and wall art.

You have the best in the photo world, here's the best in print.

Album & Wall Art Artists

Your Own Design Team

We planned. We shot. We Designed. Now you enjoy, forever.

All of the hard work leads to this...

And The Result