2020 Best Of Moments | Year Recap

Best of 2020

Let’s not sit here and sugarcoat things – this year was an absolute dumpster fire. I’m talking filled to the brim with garbage and lit on fire while gas is continuously poured on it from a never-ending container of gas. Too much?? Let’s dive into the “Best of” moments of 2020.

The silver lining around said dumpster is that we all got time. Time that we never thought we’d have or even imagined could exist. Aside from the “what am I supposed to do with myself” moments, we can probably all say we utilized that time for self-improvement.  New hobbies were born, families bonded in unexpected ways, and memories were made.

Personally, I have a lot to be proud of when I look back over the last twelve months.  I got down to business launching Moon Honey. A concept that had been in the works for over a year and truly represents what we’re about. Thanks to virtual schooling, I spent an insane amount of time with my daughter that I otherwise would have missed out on.  I put my big boy pants on and proposed to Molly. This was followed by a spontaneous road trip elopement to Savannah, Georgia.  Could there possibly be more?  There’s more. We capped off the year by having a baby. A freaking baby!! She’s pretty cute.  

I like to think that despite the unimaginable obstacles and tragedies we’ve all been witness, we have each come out of 2020 with a little something good.  Whether it was as minor as finally cleaning out a closet, or as life-changing as getting engaged and growing a family- it wasn’t all a waste.

The “Best Of” post is one of my favorite blogs each year. I think it’s more important than ever this year. We can look back on all of the beautiful memories and milestones that my clients had and invited me on the ride for.  

Below are some of my favorite frames from weddings, engagements, proposals, family and maternity sessions. Enjoy!