Groom holding brides dress on Sansom Street heading to their Cescaphe Downtown Club wedding in Philly.

Downtown Philadelphia | Story Time

Cescaphe Downtown Philadelphia Club

Allison and Andrew

Groom holding brides dress on Sansom Street heading to their Cescaphe Downtown Club wedding in Philadelphia.

Allison and Andrew’s wedding day at Cescaphe’s Downtown Club in Philadelphia was one of the most unique weddings that I’ve ever been a part of. The picture above is one of my favorites from the day, and I almost missed it.

Washington Square Philadelphia

The best thing about this photo is how by chance it all came together. On this day, we were with Patrick Florescio – an ultra-talented Philly based videographer who I love working with.

Downtown Club in Philadelphia owns one of the best locations for an Old City wedding. Portraits on this day happened at both Independence Hall and Washington Square which are just footsteps from the front doors.

We actually wrapped up portraits early with the bridal party at Washington Square, and with a lot of time before the ceremony – we decided that Allison and Andrew needed a break to catch their breath. The last thing that we’d ever want is for a couple to feel like their wedding was a photoshoot.

This photograph is literally seconds after we decided to send the couple back to their venue. As they were walking across Samson Street, Andrew held Allison’s dress carefully above the cobblestoned street. Allison gave me a little smile, and that was that.

I was anticipating this shot, but because of how quick the moment came and left, I thought I actually missed the focus. And I’d never ask them to replicate another take.

Luckily, there was 1 frame that was perfectly in focus (the one posted in this blog.) And that’s the one that made it into a full page spread in their wedding album.

The Little Details – Happy Accidents

It’s the happy accidents that make me love this job. Most of the time – there’s always one thing that could’ve been better about a photograph. Maybe the light changed, or perhaps the moment was missed.

For this photo – the thing that makes this all work for me – is the sign to the left of the couple that reads “Begin Two Way”.

I had no idea that was there when I snapped the frame.

Begin Two Way. Allison and Andrew were walking to their ceremony at this moment. She gave me a little smirk. She knew.

They were beginning their next chapter, the start of their family, the first day to the rest of their lives. Months later, they would be officially married and moved to Philadelphia.

On this day, their way began.

Happy accidents.