Ashley & Dan Engagements at FDR Park

FDR Park Engagement Session

Waking up at 5 am isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but seeing Dan and Ashley at the crack of dawn for their FDR Park Engagement Session was worth it.

You might have seen these two pop up as the headlining image of our website. Their photo was the first light bulb that sparked the thought to the creation of Moon Honey. Everything you feel with the Moon Honey brand started with the feeling of their smiling, goofy faces. Thanks, guys!

Session Details

When we met at the Parking lot of the American Swedish Historical Museum, it was still pitch dark! Dan and Ash were nice enough to surprise me with a ginormous cup of Dunkin’ Donut Coffee! They even remember that I am a coffee virgin and made sure to add plenty of cream and sugar. Catching up with them in the parking lot was one of the best ways to start my morning. Eventually, the Philadelphia sunlight crept through the trees and we began.

Because of the layout of the park, you have so many options at your disposal! The property has a cement pavilion with geometrically friendly openings, a large lake, tall grass, a beautiful marble gazebo, and tons of nature!

Working with these two was like taking photographs of old friends! It felt more of a hang out than a job, and their infectious personalities really added the energy we needed.

We laughed, joked around and I almost died when I barrel-rolled down a hill. “Dude, are you okay?” Was all I heard from Dan as I laid upside down, camera thankfully still in one piece.

I survived, and am now living to tell the tale with some of the photographs below. Enjoy!

FDR Park Engagement Photos

Dan and Ashley laughing on the docks of FDR Park
Ashley snuggling Dan during their FDR Park Engagement Session
This was the weirdest kiss in the history of FDR Park Engagement Sessions
Couple Laughing at their FDR Park Engagement Session
Dan wiping off Ashley's wet butt at their FDR Park Engagement Session
FDR Park Gazebo
Walking around FDR Park
Snuggling at FDR Park
One last hug during Dan and Ashley's FDR Park Engagement Session

This fall Philadelphia Engagement Session was shot by Colin Coleman of Moon Honey Photography. The e-session took place at Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park near Lincoln Financial Field, Citizens Bank Park, and The American Swedish Historical Museum. This was a sunrise engagement session which started at 6 am.