Shadowbrook Wedding | Mallory and Marc

Shadowbrook Wedding at Shrewsbury

Marc and Mallory

First of all, a Shadowbrook wedding is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. With the free time during the pandemic, they did tons of renovations to make the venue looking brand new. This made Marc and Mallory’s day even more special as they were one of the first couples to be able to enjoy this updated space. Sadly, it was a rainy day, but since the venue was so nice we enjoyed spending all of our time inside. We all made the most of it and it made everyone appreciate the beautiful space even more.

One of my favorite moments of the day was right before the ceremony when Marc was sitting in a chair reflecting on the day. I could see the nerves on his face but he was so ready to marry Mallory. His mom ended up walking over, and as soon as he put a hand on his shoulder he seemed to calm down. I guess he just needed some motherly support. Afterwards, during the actual ceremony, he almost passed out! But what’s a wedding day without some nerves and a few hiccups along the road.

Then, on a lighter note, Marc’s best man sprayed Mallory’s dad with Windex to de-coronavirus him as he handed off his daughter. His attempt to try and break the ice and lighten the mood was definitely a success. After this, everyone was so much more comfortable and really let go-we all had a blast afterwards.

Mallory & Marc are both outgoing, party animals, super sweet and a lot of fun. I feel lucky to have been given the chance to spend the day with them. This Shadowbrook wedding was definitely one to remember and I look forward to more events in this gorgeous venue.

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