Backyard Wedding | Marisa + Peter

Bethlehem Backyard Wedding

Marisa and Peter

Marisa and Peter, deciding to get married on probably the most popular wedding day of the year, held a lovely ceremony in their backyard in Bethlehem, PA. Originally, they had planned to hold the ceremony at Hotel Bethlehem but postponed it to 2021, due to obvious reasons. Not wanting to wait, they had a small celebration with close friends and family. On top of this, they had just moved into this new house so it was perfect timing to break it in a little.

This was definitely a more laid back, wholesome, no pressure event. The actual ceremony was under a massive willow tree in the backyard, which was beautiful. I have never seen a tree like this before in Bethlehem but I am very glad it was there. Marisa’s brother got ordained just to marry them which I thought was a neat little detail.

Neither one of them are very comfortable in front of the camera (which most people normally are) so I tried to capture more candid moments. I caught Marisa’s father not knowing where to go during the ceremony, and everyone in their masks. I also got Peter’s sisters watching from the car. Health conditions were not stopping them from seeing their brother get married! 

Marisa is very sweet and the type of person who would get married anywhere and it would still be the best day of her life. She does not like much attention so I really tried to capture her just doing her own thing.

Peter is very kind and down to earth. He ran over and greeted me as soon as I walked around back and we were immediately deep in conversation. And we cannot forget about Captain, Peter’s 12 year old Boston Terrier, who was of course part of the ceremony. Even though Peter has had him for so long, Captain seems to like Marisa more now. 

The whole party was so much fun, everyone was being together to celebrate this happy couple, even during Covid.

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