Allentown Maternity Session | Molly

Downtown Allentown, City Center, Arts Walk

Let’s get personal! Here’s a quick story about my wife Molly and her love (hatred) of being in front of the camera. We woke up on a day that might’ve been the foggiest day that I can ever remember. There was gray cloud that had fallen from the sky and was hugging our bedroom window. Photography Colin was itching to shoot (because let’s face it, most weddings were rescheduled this year). I somehow talked Molly into not being pandemic bums and actually getting dressed up for her own maternity shoot in downtown Allentown.

I think we both knew that Ruthie was going to come any day, and this day might’ve been our last chance to really capture our last few moments of being alone with each other.

2020 brought Molly and I a lot change. We both were gifted an enormous amount of time to spend with each other. Our crazy engagement happened, a spontaneous and secret road trip down to Savannah a few months later to get hitched…. and a baby! 

Among the many other things we did during the Pandemic, we capped off the last few moments in style while welcoming Ruthie into the world. I am so happy we took some of our own time and captured just for us. 

These photos were taken around Downtown Allentown in the City Center, Arts Walk and even on the roof deck of a parking garage. Enjoy!

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