Things are getting real, thank goodness  we found eachother

Wedding Information

So, you're
getting married


Listen, your wedding day is going to show up and be over in a flash. 

It will be one of the best days of your life. Which also guarantees it as one of the days you'll always wish you can Marty Mcfly back to at 88mph. 

The truth is, you can't. But that's why you hire Moon Honey. 

Time Travel

Our documentary-first approach lets us take you away from the action for far less time than other photographers.

We'll get all of the things you'd expect, and a lot of the things you didn't all while you enjoy the best parts of the day.

Don't Miss Anything

Our approach is to be super prepared leading up to your wedding day, that we can let go and just flow. 

Let it happen

Wedding blogs, social media, and even family will tell you what your wedding should be.. Take those suggestions and do whatever you want. The truth is, there are no rules - and that's the best part.

Do you

From a guy whose been to a lot of weddings

Here's some Advice

My camera is a license to stare at people longer than socially accepted.

Did You Know

• Second Photographer  

• Engagement Session 

• Extra time 

• Photobooth 

• Parent Album 

• Rehearsal Dinner





$950 for duplicate



• Will make sure you are hydrated

• Decent Traffic Stopping Skills

• Will make sure you drink water.

• Can be talked into sending sneak peeks

• Up to 8 hours of coverage with Colin

• 8x8 inch Wedding Album, including 20 pages

• Design consult for wall art and albums

• Private online gallery

• Full resolution digital files


This Includes:



One simple package, built just for you. 

Easy Peasy, now lets squeezy

Wedding advice, terrible dad jokes and a shoulder to lean on always included!


Oh look, reviews!

Our industry leading design team will take over after your wedding to guarantee you the best experience when you see your photos for the first time.

Our streamlined process will make sure you don't lift a finger while the best in the biz takes care of delivering the best story possible.

You have the best in the photo world, here's the best in print.

Our Album & Wall Art Artists

Your Own Design Team

I noticed you noticing me, and I wanted to put you on notice that I noticed you too.



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More of an introvert? That's cool! Send us a message and we will do this the old-fashioned way.

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