Micro Wedding | Kristin + Steve

Fishtown Micro Wedding

Kristin and Steve

Over 10 years ago, these two met in the junk food aisle of their local SuperFresh grocery store in Philadelphia. While Kristin was searching for her Salt and Vinegar chips, Steve was looking for his diet Dr. Pepper. Afterwards, Steve noticed Kristin again in the parking lot and gained the courage to walk over and ask for her number. Their first date happened at Buddakan, where Steve told Kristin that she was stunning. Fast forward 10ish years with their mirco wedding taking place in Fishtown during a global pandemic. 

Their original wedding day was supposed to happen in March with 150 of their closest friends and family. Instead, this October micro wedding had those friends and family on a mass Zoom call during their ceremony. Some of their guests were dressed as if they were at the wedding in person with suits, ties and cocktail dresses. An aunt read a sweet passage for the couple, and drinks and toasts happened after the ceremony with their Zoom audience. Kristin’s amazing little sister Lauren, and her parents Adam and Amy joined us in person. 

We started the day at the historically beautiful Divine Lorraine in Center City. The couple got hitched at LoveMeDo photo studio in Fishtown (thanks Carina!) Then, we stopped at places in Old City like Washington Square Park and 18th Century Rose Garden for portraits. 

By then, dinner from Buddakan was ready to be picked up and the night ended with Kristin and Steve cutting their (melted and busted) wedding cake in the kitchen. All in all, it was a perfect day with the most perfect people. 

Here are some of my favorites below!

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