The Big Post with Everything

Welcome to the big post with everything.

If you’re new here, I’m Colin – photographer and creator of Moon Honey Photography.

I’m pretty good at photography, but pretty shit at making end-of-the-year blog posts.

This is me making up for lost time.

A few quick things before you binge…

These are in no particular order.
Some weddings are from 2021, some are from 2022.

Some weddings are all together, some are all mixed up.

Enjoy the adventure.

There are not all of my favorites.

There are about 50 sessions here. Approximately 300k total photos (give or take) were shot between the time of the first and last photos created. I included around 450 of my favorites, I’m sure there are some that are missing.

This does not include family photos, commercial work, or personal work.

My year still isn’t over.

I still have an engagement session and a New Year’s Eve wedding at the time of posting this! The work never stops.

These last two years were a constant blur. Here’s hoping we all get some time to slow down in the new year.