Unique Indoor Venues

Unique Indoor Venues-The Arts Ballroom, 23rd Street Armory, Artesano Iron Works

The Arts Ballroom

Firstly, this venue is spectacular for your once in a lifetime event and has the ability to fit a great amount of guests-230 to be exact! As one of the unique indoor venues, this ballroom is luxurious and filled with charm. The Arts Ballroom allows you to customize the space to your style and does not tie you down to having your entire day spent there. Moreover, whether you want to plan just your reception, rehearsal dinner, or even wedding anniversary, this venue is ready to accommodate all of your needs. Visit their website for more details on all of their events they can host.

23rd Street Armory

This venue is definitely high up on the unique indoor venues list. Firstly, this historic building hosts all types of events with a focus on your financial preferences. Additionally, the armory has two location within the building. There is the Drill Hall Floor and the Ballroom. Located near the subway and containing commercial parking, they can ensure all guests will be able to attend. Check out their site to learn more about the spaces and talk to a team member.

Artesano Iron Works

This venue is known as “Philadelphia’s Hidden Gem.” At this location, you will be surrounded by art- from the walls to the staircases and the sculptures outside. Of the unique indoor venues, this is the easiest to plan. With their all in one package and paired wedding coordinator, they strive to remove all of the stress of planning. They realize the planning aspect can be difficult and they just want you to focus on the love and joy of the day. Check out their website for more photos and details.

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